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Grand Re-Opening

Happy 2009 Everyone!


With a new year here, I figured there was no time like the present to re-open Café Karina.  Things got a little crazy toward the end of 2008, leaving the Café unstaffed and therefore closed for the season, but we are back and ready to serve you.


Come on in, have a seat, let’s get you some coffee and some pop culture, shall we?


What’ll it be?  I’ll show you a quick menu, but please note that we have daily specials, unexpected surprises and now and again, a special house blend.


Starting Monday, January 5th (THAT’S TONIGHT) we’ll be serving up a weekly dose of The Bachelor Recaps.  Shortly thereafter, on January 13th, we’ll begin American Idol recaps as well.


And because there is just so much more on television starting this month that we JUST must discuss, we’ll give you a “Best and Worst of the Week” round-up as well.


But that’s just the TV menu folks.  We’ve got music, we’ve got books, we’ve got movies and we can’t forget about the celebrities themselves.


We’ll pry into Karina’s very own MP3 Player and find out what she’s listening to, from new releases to the obscure or classic hits she just can’t get enough of.


If our ticket hounds are successful, we’ll have a few concert reviews in store for you as well.


Over in the quiet section of the Café, there will be periodic book reviews and suggestions for you bibliophiles.


And every once in a while a celebrity strolls into the Café with a story so juicy we just can’t let it go unnoticed.  We don’t indulge in celebrity gossip here at the Café very often, but now and again, we know you want to know.


So, stay awhile, we think you’ll like it here.


Yours truly,