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American Idol ReCap


Here we are, kicking off Cafe Karina with an American Idol recap, you can see my previous recaps at my other blog, Candid Karina.  It’s week three and the top eight boys are doing songs of the 80’s.  Since the 80’s had the best music ever (admit it, you love 80’s music), it should be a good night, right?  Well…

As always, I was writing this recap as I watched the show, and mostly before the judges commented.

 First up is Luke Menard, singing Wham’s “Wake Me Up Before you Go Go”.  He started off okay, but lost it me his first high note, and never got it back, in my opinion.  It wasn’t good.  It was just eh.

 And boy, Simon was cranky last night right off the bat huh?

Maybe David Archuletta, who is up next, will cheer him up.  Singing “Another Day in Paradise” by Phil Collins, and playing the piano, he certainly cheered me up.  Let me repeat what I’ve been saying since day one…I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kid.  LOVE HIM.  In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s my pick for the winner this year.  All the way to the end David.

Danny Noriega is up next.  Good God, WHAT is going on?  I think “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell is actually a good song choice for him, but I’m not sure this is a good thing.  He’s just…ooh, this boy is all the way out there.  I can’t decide if he annoys me or amuses me, which is bonus points to him, because at first he just annoyed me.  As far as the actual vocals, it wasn’t particularly good.  I think we have obviously met this season’s Sanjaya.

David Hernandez is up next with Meatloaf’s “All Comig Back to Me Now” (At least I think that’s what the song was) .  Somebody needs to talk to this boy about that thing he does with his eyebrows, it’s creepy.  But, crazy eyes aside, I thought he did a pretty good job with it.  I agree with Randy that it was a great song choice for him.

Four down, four to go.

Taking the stage next is the adorable Michael Johns with his adorable Australian accent.  With his own rendition of Simple Minds’ “Don’t You Forget About Me”, he rocked it out a bit.  I thought he started off a bit rough, and a little on the dull side, but once he got into it, yeah!  Rock on Michael Johns!  I enjoyed it, and I enjoy him.

Note to the judges:  Can we act like grown ups?  The little petty bickering between the three of them (and Ryan), gets old real quick.  They’re not being funny anymore, as much as they’re beginning to get downright nasty with each other.  Sheesh, grow up!

With his guitar on stage is David Cook, starting off really off pitch with Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”.  I’ve got to tell you, I love what he tried to do with the song, turning it into a rock ballad, smart!  Really smart!  It was a good idea, and he wasn’t terrible, in fact, he pulled it off quite well, but vocally I just don’t think he’s that great.  The judges, obviously, completely disagreed with me on that part, and who knows, maybe they’re right.

David Castro is next, singing Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” .  I loved it.  I like this kid.  I think he’s got a great voice, and there’s just something really sweet and beautiful in that voice.  I had to stop and sit back and just watch and listen because it was so nice.  I really liked this one.  Very nice. (and I’m back on the same side as the judges on this one).

And last, but not least?  Chikezie.  Okay, seriously, how old is this kid?  He dresses like my grandfather…no, strike that, my grandfather dresses better than that.  But okay, not about the clothes.  The song choice, eh, boring.  But he can sing, he’s got a good voice, just didn’t do anything for me.

And again, Simon had a stick up his…uh…he was in a bad mood huh?

So, my bottom two picks for the night?  This is a tough one, because I thought overall the guys did pretty well this week, and also, there’s no way the public is going to vote the way I would, but I’ll go with Luke Menard and Chikezie.  And only because I know there’s no way Danny Noriega will be sent home yet, because talent wise, after this week, he’s at the bottom three at the very least.  But, I’m expecting some shocking votes this week…

Come back tomorrow for the girls, won’t you?