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Another Blog?

Yes, another blog.  We all spend a lot of time surrounded by pop culture; radio, television, magazines, and so many other mediums.  For some people, these things are mere blips on their daily radars, for others, the various forms of entertainment and information become a bit of a passion.  I fit into the latter category.  I have no qualms in stating that I am a bit of television addict.  I also love all forms of music, and truly enjoy movies, theatre, art, comedy, entertainment in all it’s forms. 

I am also a bit of a celebrity gossip follower, and am not ashamed to admit it.  I’m not directly affected by how many children Angelina Jolie has, or how many times Jennifer Lopez has been married, but that doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy hearing and reading about these things.

But really, what fun is pop culture and all its gifts if you can’t share your opinions about it all with others?  And so, we have the grand opening of Cafe Karina.  This is not going to be a celebrity gossip blog, there are plenty of those out in the blogsphere, and they do a great job at what they do, and I don’ have the time and resources (or trully the interest or the inclination) to create a gossip blog.  This is simply going to be my little corner of the world where I will post my thoughts on who should be voted off American Idol, what I really thought of the latest movie I’ve seen in the theatre, and why I’m addicted to home improvement shows. 

And hopefully, you’ll have a cup of coffee with me, and tell me what you think as well.  Shall we start?