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I know I promised a listing of when t.v. shows are coming back, and that post is in the works, but I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather.  I’m feeling better today and was going to give you that post…but we have breaking news folks.
We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow…but today…well…today I give you:

A few months ago I posted about the rumors that the New Kids on the Block were staging a reunion. Well, ladies, grab your old t-shirts and buttons because it appears the rumors were indeed true.

This Friday at 7AM NKOTB will appear on the Today show…ALL FIVE members, together in public for probably the first time in at least 15 years. A big announcement perhaps? A performance perchance?

Click here, to be taken to a page with some more information and links to videos of interviews with some of the guys. In one of the videos Joe alludes to time in the studio…a new album in the works?

Call me silly, tell me I’m acting like a teenager, but I don’t care. I’m giddy with excitement and yes I will be standing in line for tickets if they go on tour. We’ve discussed before how there’s a certain amount of nostalgia tied up with certain icons of our childhoood, and for me, none hold more than NKOTB. So go ahead, laugh at me, but I wore their buttons proudly back then, and I’ll do it now too.

Well…okay, no…I won’t really wear the buttons this time around, but you know what I mean.

UH, right…okay, well, go on about your business…I…uh…I’m going to go back to work.  Yeah…I’m a mature adult…I…uh…right.